CREATe offers a range of online IP protection and anti-corruption training for your employees, or your supply chain and business partners. Each interactive course uses real-world examples to create awareness and build commitment. All courses are provided through CREATe’s learning management system, letting you view test results, see records of who has completed the courses, and access additional resources.

Fully scalable – provide training to large numbers of employees and business partners.

Customizable – add details about your company, policies and existing IP or anti-corruption program.

Modular – choose only the types of intellectual property, or the anti-corruption courses most relevant to your operations.


IP Protection

CREATe offers e-Learning courses that help educate employees on IP and how to mitigate risks, from trade secret theft, counterfeiting and other types of IP infringement.

COURSE: Introduction to IP

An overview of the different types of IP, why IP protection is important and what people need to do to safeguard intellectual property assets and protect against IP-related risks.

COURSE: Protecting Trade Secrets

An overview of trade secrets and the steps that employees, suppliers and business partners should take to protect against trade secret theft and avoid misappropriating proprietary information.


Sign up all your employees for anti-corruption training that covers basic anti-bribery principles and key laws, or access additional e-Learning courses.


For companies working globally, this anti-corruption training shows employees and third parties how to comply with national laws and international guidelines. Course topics include:

  • FCPA, UK Bribery Act, OECD Convention
  • Anti-Bribery laws
  • Red flags and due diligence
  • Agents and 3rd parties



CREATe Leading Practices for IP Protection

Get a comprehensive solution to protecting IP with practical and cost-effective assessments, expert insights and improvement plans that complement your existing business processes.


CREATe Leading Practices for Anti-Corruption

Prevent corruption – and the costs of litigation, legal penalties and reputational damage – by assessing and improving business processes across your company, supply chain and with your business partners.



Get tailored assistance from a CREATe expert to assess and enhance your business processes for IP protection and anti-corruption compliance.