Whether you are just starting out or need to ensure business partners are taking adequate measures to protect IP and prevent corruption, CREATe experts can help.

The team of CREATe experts has deep global experience in intellectual property and anti-corruption.  We’ll work with your team leaders to help define and complete practical improvements, efficiently and cost-effectively. We offer a range of services tailored to your needs:

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Getting Started

For companies just beginning to develop an IP protection or anti-corruption program, CREATe can provide guidance and help you decide where to start – depending on your unique priorities and requirements.

Implementation Assistance

CREATe experts can provide step-by-step recommendations for enhancing and implementing your policies and procedures, compliance teams, risk assessment, training and monitoring.


Through CREATe Leading Practices, CREATe can benchmark the maturity level of your business processes for compliance against global companies in a broad range of industries – and make recommendations for improvement.

Workshops and Classroom Training

CREATe experts conduct on-site workshops or classroom training to educate senior management, employees, supply chain or business partners on a practical approach to IP protection or corruption prevention.

Sessions can cover topics such as:

  • Implementing policies, procedures and record-keeping
  • IP and corruption risk assessments
  • Managing IP protection in the supply chain
  • Implementing systems for security and confidentiality management
  • Integrating IP protection and anti-corruption into internal or supply chain compliance programs
  • Training and capacity building for compliance teams
  • Aligning monitoring and measurement systems with key performance indicators

Customized Training

CREATe’s team of experts can tailor training specifically to the needs of a particular company. CREATe can offer training for employees, senior management or supply chain and business partners.



CREATe Leading Practices for IP Protection 

Get a comprehensive solution to protecting IP with practical and cost-effective assessments, expert insights and improvement plans that complement your existing business processes.


CREATe Leading Practices for Anti-Corruption

Prevent corruption – and the costs of litigation, legal penalties and reputational damage – by assessing and improving business processes across your company, supply chain and among your business partners.



CREATe’s e-Learning courses will train your employees or business partners on the basic principles related to the different types of intellectual property and steps for IP protection.