“Reasonable Steps” To Protect Trade Secrets: Leading Practices in an Evolving Legal Landscape

Language: English
Categories: Trade Secrets

The loss of trade secrets – ranging from proprietary formulas to confidential information to production methodologies – can have a devastating impact on a company. When there is misappropriation, in a growing number of jurisdictions a company must prove that it has taken “reasonable steps” to prevent trade secret theft or misuse.

This whitepaper: “Reasonable Steps” to Protect Trade Secrets: Leading Practices in an Evolving Legal Landscape” offers practical steps for companies concerned about this issue. It includes:

  • International, regional and national laws featuring the “reasonable steps” requirement;
  • The types of protections that companies have implemented – and examples of ways that trade secret protection programs have failed;
  • Analysis of the types of “reasonable steps” that court cases have examined in determining whether to give trade secret protection to particular material;
  • Checklists and examples of practical steps that companies can take to put protections in place in the eight categories that CREATe recommends for an effective trade secret protection program.

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