Protecting Intellectual Property Through Enterprise Risk Management

Language: English
Categories: Intellectual PropertyRisk ManagementSupply ChainTrade Secrets

This whitepaper outlines how companies can better safeguard key corporate intellectual property (IP) assets, and better mitigate the risks of counterfeiting, piracy and trade secret theft, by integrating intellectual property protection into their Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) programs.

Entitled Protecting Intellectual Property Through Enterprise Risk Management, the whitepaper outlines how companies can follow the approach of the major ERM standards and frameworks already in place to address strategic, financial, operational, compliance and reputational risks. The paper examines how companies can:

  • Use ERM more effectively to “identify, assess and manage” IP-related risks;
  • Address IP risks that arise in the closely related areas of information technology (IT) security and supply-chain compliance; and
  • Understand the elements of an effective IP protection program and ways to integrate IP protection into existing business processes and procedures.

Also included are case studies and practical templates and checklists designed to be useful for both small and large companies as they seek to identify, assess and manage IP-related risks.


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