Government Procurement: Driving Responsible Business Practices

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Governments increasingly are using their purchasing power to insist that contractors improve business practices and collaborate with supply chain partners to ensure they adopt programs to prevent corruption and IP theft.

Given some startling recent examples of bribes infecting public tenders and counterfeits turning up in parts delivered to governments—at times posing significant risks to national security or human safety—government purchasers are particularly focused on anti-corruption and intellectual property (IP) compliance. has launched a whitepaper that explores the link between government procurement and responsible business practices. The paper describes:

  • The issue: how counterfeiting and corruption can contaminate government procurement.
  • Efforts by governments: steps governments around the world are taking to address these problems and to encourage responsible, ethical business practices among their own contractors and in the procurement supply chain.
  • Requirements: how governments are using procurement rules to require companies to be much more vigilant in managing compliance, particularly with regard to anti-corruption and IP issues such as trade secret theft, counterfeits and software piracy.
  • Best practices: steps government contractors and their suppliers can take to ensure that their practices in these areas are robust, and will enable them to remain attractive as responsible vendors to their government customers.

This whitepaper is a must-read for:

  • Executives in companies doing business with government agencies around the world.
  • Legal teams concerned about anti-corruption compliance and IP theft in the form of counterfeits, piracy and trade secret theft.
  • Government officials working in procurement and supply chain management.
  • Risk and compliance officers concerned about new laws and legislation.

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