CREATe – PwC Trade Secret Report: Economic Impact of Trade Secret Theft

Language: English
Categories: Trade Secrets

A Framework for Companies to Safeguard Trade Secrets and Mitigate Potential Threats

A new report by and PwC takes a rigorous look at the issue – the magnitude of the problem, the troublemakers and trends – and provides practical guidance as to what companies can do to protect prized intellectual property (IP) assets.

Download this complimentary report and gain access to:

  • An original five-step framework to help assess and safeguard trade secrets;
  • Insight into the economic impact of trade secret theft;
  • An analysis of key threat actors most active in targeting trade secrets including nation states, malicious insiders, competitors, transnational criminal organizations and hacktivists;
  • Three future scenarios that envision trade secret protection outcomes in 10-15 years based on different drivers making trade secrets more or less secure.




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