World IP Day

April 27, 2012
Categories: Intellectual Property


Yesterday marked World IP Day, an annual celebration hosted by the World Intellectual Property Organization that celebrates innovation and creativity and how the protection of IP fosters and encourages them.

Highlighting this year’s World IP Day was the launch of an organization called “Ideas Matter.”  By emphasizing the value of IP, “Ideas Matter” aims to raise awareness of how businesses, individuals, economies and society as a whole benefit from patents, trademarks, design rights, copyrights and other forms of IP.

“Ideas Matter” has been backed by prominent companies such as MicrosoftNBC-UniversalPhilips and SAP and will work alongside various organizations that rely on intellectual property to protect the ideas of others, and thus promote innovation and economic growth around the world. You can learn more about Ideas Matter by visiting

CREATe’s goal of fostering innovation and economic prosperity by protecting intellectual property rights, fighting corruption and driving responsible business practices in global supply chains and business networks very much aligns with the focus of “Ideas Matter.” We are pleased to see such prominent businesses from a variety of sectors playing an active role in promoting IP and joining organizations across the public and private sectors in celebrating the contributions and innovations that have shaped and changed how we live.

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