Transparency International-Global Corruption Barometer

December 1, 2017
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Bribery is still an issue across the globe -in the past year, nearly one in four people trying to access public services paid a bribe, according to Transparency International’s (TI) recently launched Global Corruption Barometer.

The Middle East and North Africa had the highest bribery rate in the 12 months before the survey with 30 percent, while the EU region had the lowest with just 6 percent.

Police and government officials were perceived to be most corrupt public institutions. In Sub Saharan Africa 47 percent of respondents perceived police to be the most corrupt; in Asia Pacific 39 percent. In the Americas, police and elected officials tied with 46 percent identifying each as the most corruption institution. In the Middle Each and North Africa, elected representatives, tax officials and government officials were perceived as highly corrupt by 45 percent of the population.

Germany was perceived as having the least corrupt public sector with just six percent of respondents believing that the public institutions were corrupt.

On a more encouraging note, the report concludes with insights into how ordinary people can make a difference. For example, 58 percent of young people aged 24 and under are the most likely to feel empowered to make a difference. Overall, 54 percent of respondents agree that ordinary people can make a difference in making the world less corrupt.

The report includes data from March 2016 to January 2017, and consists of interviews with 162,136 adults from 119 countries, territories and regions. The topics covered include how well governments were fighting corruption, which institutions were perceived as most corrupt, and frequency people pay bribes to access public services.

Read the full report here.

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