The Role of Business in Shaping the World

January 27, 2012
Categories: Anti-corruption


The World Economic Forum, one of the few truly global meetings of business leaders, politicians, academics, and other influential people in the world, was held in Davos, Switzerland over the last week of January. Among the topics discussed was the notion that businesses are responsible for how they act and how they impact the 7 billion people living in the world today.

The Global Agenda Council has labeled this call to action for businesses the “New Business Covenant.” As the global population grows and more people call for the prosperity of many, there is an increasing call for businesses to take an active role contributing to the greater good.’s role, as the name Center for Responsible Enterprise and Trade suggests, is to help bring innovative thinking and action to promoting the rules-based trade and responsible business practices vital to sustainable growth and job creation. Please read “Defining the New Business Covenant” from the Global Agenda Council on the Role of Business to gain a greater understanding of how world leaders see businesses acting responsibly in the future.

You can also find more about the various initiatives and discussions that were brought to light at the World Economic Forum here

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