The APCAC Business Summit

March 2, 2012
Categories: Global Supply Chains, Intellectual Property Protection


Multinational corporations across the world suffered a blow last year when natural disasters crippled businesses across Asia and further hindered a struggling world economy. Because of growing interconnectedness between global commerce and businesses, we now see and feel the vulnerabilities of large supply chains that span across multiple countries, all of which have different standards and operate under varying rules and business norms.

The APCAC Business Summit – this year taking place March 1-2 in Tokyo – provides an opportunity for leaders from the United States and Asia to discuss critical issues facing businesses from each region, including: the impact that IP theft and corruption is having on each region’s economy; business continuity; supply chain management; and the role of innovation in promoting growth in Asia and America. Perhaps most importantly, the conference provides a platform to discuss the tremendous opportunity for strengthening compliance and growing markets through global collaboration. And we’re very pleased to be a part of the discussion.

Societal standards for how businesses operate have changed, with business ethics emerging as an area of focus on a global scale. An estimated 90% of global growth over the next five years will come from emerging markets. Operating in these markets requires higher standards of governance and compliance, and it is an economic imperative that companies in these new markets play by the rules.

We believe there is a shared interest and benefit in creating a culture of genuine compliance in global supply chains. Promoting respect for intellectual property rights and strong anti-corruption will help multinational corporations protect assets and further the long-term business initiatives vital to sustainable economic growth. APCAC provides a global platform for multinational corporations and business leaders to come together and work toward these important objectives and we look forward to providing an update on the discussions that takes place here.

How does your company plan to address the increasing global connectedness? What are the best ways to work together toward building a stronger, rules based trading environment? We’d love to hear from you.

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