The 2012 Global Ethics Summit

March 16, 2012
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After recently attending the APCAC Business Summit in Japan and the inaugural meeting of the Stanford Initiative for the Study of Supply Chain Responsibility (SISSCR), the team is in New York City this week to present at the at the Ethisphere Institute/Thomson Reuters 2012 Global Ethics SummitThis event convenes CEOs and Board Chairs of major global companies, prominent GRC (governance, risk management and compliance) leaders and top government and regulatory industry officials to discuss the risks and challenges of conducting business in a constantly expanding global marketplace.

Two topics that will be central to the conference’s two-day dialogue are the impact of ethics and compliance in emerging markets, namely the “BRIC” countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China, and the importance of intelligently managing the multitude of risks that come with employing a complex global supply chain. The summit should also prompt discussion among business and regulatory leaders about how to best institute strategies and provide companies with the necessary tools to curb unethical and noncompliant practices.

Pamela Passman, President and CEO of, will discuss how multinational companies and their global supply chains represent tremendous opportunity for strengthening compliance and promoting transparency. In today’s evolving and ever-watchful global marketplace, a company’s supply chain is increasingly serving as a critical proof point for a company’s brand and reputation.

While every multinational corporation has different individual priorities, believes all have a shared interest and will realize mutual benefit by creating a culture of genuine compliance throughout their global supply chains. This includes ensuring respect for intellectual property rights and putting in place strong anti-corruption measures.

This week, we look forward to taking part in this important dialogue on governance, anti-corruption and compliance, and the larger ongoing effort to partner with multinational companies to establish guiding principles, and identify best practices for organizations to leverage in their own companies and in their supply chains.

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