Protecting IP in the Global Supply Chain: Do you know how?

July 15, 2013
Categories: Intellectual Property Protection

CREATe Vice President of Advocacy and Stakeholder Engagement, Leslie Benton, will be speaking about “Global Supply Chain & Safeguarding Intellectual Property” at the U.S. Department of State Foreign Service Institute training for Foreign Service Officers who have intellectual property (IP) as part of their portfolios. She will be joined by Department of State IP enforcement officials, IP attorneys, other government IP specialists, and private IP professionals to discuss the importance of protecting IP not only in individual firms, but throughout the global supply chain.

IP is one of the most valuable assets to a company because it contains proprietary data which often is the product of tremendous time and resources, and represents the risk of a huge investment loss if not protected. It can include clients’ information, which undoubtedly should remain confidential. Protecting IP is also critical to innovation; if companies do not pursue measures to safeguard their IP, the company and the market lose the incentive to develop products if ideas will be misappropriated freely. When considering compliance programs for their supply chain and business partners, companies should consider implementing programs to protect their IP. The increasing risk of IP theft makes IP protection an integral part of supply chain management. Effective IP protection systems should involve the following:

  • Concrete and published policies and procedures, and accurate record-keeping
  • IP compliance team
  • Thorough assessment of risk
  • Security and confidentiality management
  • Training and capacity building
  • Supply chain due diligence
  • Monitoring and measuring progress
  • Corrective actions and improvements

CREATe Leading Practices for IP protection takes the approach of assessing, evaluating, and improving the IP protection systems you have in place. Our offering provides practical, cost-effective online programs and training to help you bolster your IP safeguards.

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