Policies: How do Yours Rate?

November 18, 2015
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How effective are your corporate policies for issues such as anti-corruption and the protection of critical business information? Do employees, contractors and third parties know what they need to do to follow your corporate policies? Are there records to track compliance?

‘Policies, Procedures and Records’ are a core element of any robust compliance program and a key category of CREATe Leading Practices, a service that helps companies assess and improve the management systems in place to address the protection of intellectual property and trade secrets, and to prevent corruption.

If you were to rank the robustness of your ‘Policies, Procedures and Records’ on a scale from 1 (weak) to 5 (strong), how would they rank? To help you gain insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your company’s ‘Policies, Procedures and Records,’ is currently offering a free online benchmarking of this category in any or all of the following three services:

The benchmarking takes 10 minutes, is confidential and offers the opportunity to:

  • Learn how your policies compare with other companies around the globe
  • Gain insights into best-in-class policies, procedures and records
  • Identify vulnerabilities and see how your policies rank on a 1 to 5 scale

Benchmark your policies now.

Policies, Procedures and Records: An Overview

  • Policies define the ‘rules’ that you expect people to follow. Comprehensive, clear policies are an essential foundation for creating an effective program. Policies should be inclusive and address not only employees but also those of a company’s suppliers, contractors, business partners, and customers. They should also be thorough.
  • Procedures are the steps a company uses to follow the ‘rules’ or policies. For example, procedures could include processes around hiring and termination, monitoring and other actions that employees and others should be following.
  • Records include the documentation to verify implementation. These could include contracts, inventory and other documentation.

The full CREATe Leading Practices services include the self-assessment in eight categories, an expert evaluation, and improvement steps. It is a ‘measure and improve’ program, which has proven to be most effective for building robust systems to manage the protection of IP and trade secrets, and anti-corruption. To learn more, please email

Benchmark your policies now.

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