New! Quick Guide to Trade Secrets

October 27, 2015
Categories: Compliance, Cybersecurity, Global Supply Chains, Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Protection, IP Protection, Trade Secret Theft

The pervasive use of information technology, rise of worldwide supply chains, the ongoing exchange of data in every business sector, and an explosion in data thefts has elevated trade secret protection to the top priority at many companies.

But what exactly are trade secrets? Is any piece of confidential corporate information considered a trade secret? Who steals trade secrets?  For those outside the world of intellectual property, these are common questions.  The Center for Responsible Enterprise and Trade ( has put together the Quick Guide to Trade Secrets, an infographic that provides a brief tutorial on the basics of trade secrets and how companies and employees can protect against the theft of trade secrets.

Visit the Quick Guide to Trade Secrets page here.

The Quick Guide to Trade Secrets is also available for download here.




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