New! CREATe Launches Anti-Corruption Improvement Guide

October 23, 2013
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Download a preview of the Anti-Corruption Guide here.

What is your company doing to mitigate your risk of corruption and bribery?

For companies not implementing robust anti-corruption programs, the stakes are high. Companies can face litigation, legal fines upwards of hundreds of millions of dollars, and even jail time for individuals. Evidence of corruption can also result in reputational damage that can cost customers, business opportunities, and cause debarment from government contracts.

Proactive anti-corruption approaches can mitigate these risks and protect a company’s bottom line. Each company is unique, however, and at different stages of maturity when it comes to anti-corruption compliance. For some, the question might be, ‘where do we start?’ Others might be asking: ‘is our current program effective and meeting international guidelines?’ or ‘how do we know what our suppliers and business partners are doing to prevent corruption?’

To help companies assess and improve internal systems and also to collaborate with supply chain and business partners, has developed a three-step program, CREATe Leading Practices for Anti-Corruption. It is a ‘measure and improve’ program based on requirements of anti-corruption laws with broad reach, such as the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the UK Bribery Act; and also addresses guidelines recommended by international organizations such as the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, United Nations Global Compact, Transparency International and the World Economic Forum, among others.

Central to the improvement program is a new 200+ page guide called The CREATe Leading Practices Guide to Improving Your Anti-Corruption Program. LINK TO PREVIEW

The guide provides practical, step-by-step advice for companies working to fight corruption. It describes how businesses can reduce their risks from corruption by adopting a proven management system approach which measures the maturity of current systems in place and makes recommendations for improving practices.

The Guide is a valuable resource for companies just starting to implement a program, those looking to assess current practices and companies looking to collaborate with supply chain and business partners to improve systems.

It includes a range of resources such as sample contract language, elements of a training program, letters to employees and other helpful tools designed to build an anti-corruption compliance program.

The Guide is part of the CREATe Leading Practices for Anti-Corruption program. To learn more about the program, email To download a preview of the Guide, click here. Anti-Corruption Resources:

  • Sample of the CREATe Leading Practices Guide to Improving Your Anti-Corruption Program here.
  • Anti-Corruption Compliance Guidelines
  • Whitepaper: Government Procurement: Driving Responsible Business Practices

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