Life of a Counterfeit Part

January 3, 2013
Categories: Counterfeit

How do counterfeits enter legitimate supply chains? It’s a growing concern, particularly in regard to products that could potentially be compromised and cause harm. Case in point: earlier in 2012, the Senate Armed Services Committee released a report which showed how a million counterfeit parts had infiltrated the Department of Defense supply chain.

Every company or organization is at risk to the dangers of counterfeits. In CREATe’s latest whitepaper, Health and Safety Risks of Counterfeits in the Supply Chain, we explore the life of a counterfeit part – providing an example of how an unscrupulous vendor passed salvaged, counterfeit and compromised parts on to global buyers.

The infographic below illustrates how from 2006 to 2010 a Florida broker, Visiontech, sold counterfeit integrated circuits to more than 1000 buyers in the United States and overseas. Many sectors were affected by this single broker. In one case, counterfeit units were sold to defense contractors who intended to incorporate them into military, emergency responder, and transportation systems.

Learn more about vulnerabilities in global supply chains and the dangers of counterfeit parts: download our whitepaper. Also visit CREATe Leading Practices and learn about our practical tools and trainings designed to improve supply chain integrity.

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