Leveling the Playing Field in the Global Trading System

January 25, 2012
Categories: Anti-corruption


In his State of the Union address, President Obama announced the creation of a Trade Enforcement Unit which will investigate unfair trade practices around the world and perform more import inspections in order to prevent counterfeit/unsafe goods from entering the U.S. These efforts to enforce fair trade practices are critical to growing our economy, will help promote competition and create a level playing field for multinational companies operating in the global marketplace. It is also very encouraging that the Trade Enforcement Unit will aim to tackle piracy—an issue at the heart of’s mission to promote intellectual property rights and responsible business standards in global supply chains.

This new initiative builds on the Obama administration’s goals to boost exports and increase market access for American companies. As a result, it also creates a favorable environment for the private sector to continue to innovate, generate employment opportunities and help sustain long-term economic growth in the United States and around the world.

Learn more about these efforts in an interview with U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk in which he elaborates on the objectives set out by President Obama to improve the global trading system.

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