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February 25, 2014
Categories: Anti-corruption, Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Protection

What are companies around the world doing to protect intellectual property (IP) and prevent corruption?

A new report provides insights into these questions based on the results of the CREATe Leading Practices pilot program.

Over the past year, more than 60 companies participated in the pilot program of our two services:

  • CREATe Leading Practices for IP Protection
  • CREATe Leading Practices for Anti-Corruption

What did we learn? A few highlights of the report:

IP protection:

  • Many companies are really only focused on IT security and not the broader issue of IP protection.
  • Companies are primarily reactive in their approach to IP protection, but realize the need to be more proactive.
  • Many companies focus on contractual terms as the primary means of protecting their IP, yet they do no post-contract monitoring to ensure compliance with contractual terms.


  • For anti-corruption, many companies seem to rely on their policy documents rather than implementing effective procedures to enforce policies.
  • Most companies perform no formal anti-corruption risk assessment before entering a new market or business partner relationship.

The full report includes case studies, specific rankings and an explanation of the categories that comprise an effective IP protection or anti-corruption program.

Here is a snapshot of those involved:

  • Size: the companies ranged from mid-size to multi-national companies
  • Geographies: China, Taiwan, India, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Japan Singapore, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Poland, Australia and the U.S.
  • Industries: aviation, automotive, information technology (IT), apparel/footwear, electronics, manufacturing, finance, food, consumer products, and education

The types of companies included:

  • Multinationals – in the US, China, Latin America and Europe – enlisted key suppliers and business partners
  • Mid-sized and large companies in emerging markets participated to assess existing internal systems and processes for protecting IP or preventing corruption
  • Companies asked subsidiaries or regional offices to complete the service
  • Private Equity firms requested that their portfolio companies use CREATe Leading Practices to ensure systems are in place to prevent corruption
  • Companies joined through the Stanford Initiative for the Study of Supply Chain Responsibilities  to benchmark IP practices

What Pilot Companies Had to Say

“IP protection is absolutely a competitive advantage. It is at the core of our business. The more secure we get, the more we get a competitive advantage.” European company
“In the past, we never evaluated our internal [IP] management system. The CREATe assessment provides an outside view of how we are doing and how effective our current system is. The CREATe program is valuable to us. It showed us a new way to think about IP protection.” Chinese company


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