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January 20, 2014
Categories: Intellectual Property Protection

Does your company have policies in place to protect your intellectual property (IP)?  Here’s the quick overview:

What are IP protection policies?

  • IP protection policies are the high-level ‘rules’ that you want your employees or others, such as third parties, to follow to protect your valuable corporate IP.

Why are IP protection policies Important?

  • Policies provide the basis for employees to understand the value of your company’s IP, what they should do to protect it and the consequences of not doing so.

How do you incorporate IP protection policies into your company’s existing compliance programs?

  • You can incorporate IP protection policies into your company’s terms of employment, Corporate Code of Conduct, Supply Chain Code of Conduct, and other relevant platforms.

How do you develop a comprehensive set of IP policies?

How do we make sure the IP protection policies are enforced and effective in our company?

  • First, it’s important to gain the support of senior management and ensure their commitment and endorsement.
  • Second, it’s vital to implement detailed procedures providing guidance as to how employees and/or third parties can follow the policies. This could involve processes for record keeping, systems to secure proprietary information and other procedures.

Each company is unique and has specific priorities for IP protection; and also a different level of maturity of systems in place for IP protection. To help companies measure and improve these systems, offers CREATe Leading Practices for IP Protection, a three-step program that first starts with an online self-assessment, followed by an independent evaluation and access to CREATe’s 250-page Guide to Improving your Intellectual (IP) Protection Program. To learn more and schedule a demo, email IP Protection Resources

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