Intellectual Property Protection: Not Just for the Legal Department

September 12, 2013
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It’s hard to overstate the value of IP, or the risk to a company if it is stolen or misappropriated: intellectual property—including new innovations, creative content and brand designs, and proprietary information like customer lists—is increasingly central to competing successfully in the global economy, accounting for about 75 percent of the worth and revenues for most businesses.

As IP takes new shapes—and the theft of it also takes new forms in the age of technology—it stands to reason that protecting it cannot be confined to the legal team. That’s why CREATe has developed a set of tools for IP protection that can be integrated into management systems company-wide, inculcated in employees training and—importantly—shared with business partners in the global supply chain.

In our 250-page ‘Guide to Improving Your IP Protection Program,’ we outline the steps necessary to build and mature processes and practices to safeguard intangible assets. The Guide includes content such as:

  • How to build a cross-operational IP Compliance Team that is appropriately scaled for your company. The goal is to create a pragmatic system within existing management, not demanding new bureaucracy.
  • How to assess and upgrade protections against cyber-theft of intellectual property by employees, outsiders and employees of supply chain partners.
  • How to train employees about the value of intellectual property to the business, and the risk of it being misappropriated. This is the key to building a culture of protection and compliance, and it can be shared with, or if desired, required of supply chain partners.
  • How to conduct due diligence with potential business partners and suppliers around their intellectual property systems and values.

The Guide also features tools and resources, such as sample policies, contractor agreements, letters to employees, sample procedures, IP checklists and other information specific to a broad range of IP, from trade secrets to copyright.

CREATe Leading Practices for IP Protection provides a practical way to assess your company’s intellectual property in all its forms, and to determine whether the safeguards you have in place are up to the task.

To learn more about the Guide, please download a preview in the Tools section. To see how your company can participate in CREATe Leading Practices for IP Protection, please email us:

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