Information Security: The 2014 Threat Landscape

January 7, 2014
Categories: Intellectual Property

“The 2014 Threat Landscape” was the focus of a recent Information Security Forum (ISF) presentation in New York City. The session, featuring Greg Garcia, former DHS Assistant Secretary for Cyber Security and Communications, covered the top six cyber threats for 2014. Top of the list was the “Bring your own Device (BYOD) trend in which employees can access corporate data and put sensitive information and trade secrets at risk. Other threats include data privacy in the cloud, reputational damage, privacy and regulation, cybercrime and the greater reliance on the Internet and technology.

In addition to these risks, several additional themes emerged from the presentation, which are relevant to any company working on a global scale. These include:

1.       Increased focus on risk: the CIO is transforming into a Chief Risk Officer role in some organizations.

2.       Importance of compliance programs: organizations today must depend on their own compliance programs rather than rule of law to deflect cyber threats.

3.       Collaboration is essential: private organizations, the government, and the public must work together to share and exchange of best practices.

4.       Employees pose greatest risks: Controlling employee behavior is the most difficult aspect of implementing a cyber-protection program.

5.       Education is key: it is critical to communicate with and train employees, supply chain managers, and the C-suite on cyber-protection best practices.

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