ICC Report: IP and Innovation

November 25, 2013
Categories: Intellectual Property Protection

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has just released a report on the role of intellectual property (IP) management in innovative small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The paper is the first in ICC’s research series which aims to contribute to a better and more concrete understanding of the interface between innovation and IP.

The paper discusses the following:

·         How intellectual property interacts with SMEs innovation and business strategies.

·         The different factors that influence their approaches to intellectual property management.

·         The main types of IP strategies that SMEs have adopted.

The report offers insight on how SMEs can improve the management of their intellectual assets to enhance their businesses and streamline their supply chains, and how policy-makers can best support them.

The report also touches on collaboration strategies and underscores how improved IP management can impart significant strategic benefits to innovative SMEs.

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