CREATe Leading Practices Pilot – Initial Insights

March 6, 2013
Categories: Compliance, Global Supply Chains, Intellectual Property

In December 2012, CREATe Leading Practices for IP Protection was launched in English, Chinese and Portuguese. Global companies in aviation, consumer products, IT, materials and telecommunications equipment have signed up to pilot the service with more than 50 suppliers and business partners based in India, China, Brazil, Japan, Germany and the U.S.

CREATe Leading Practices provides an assessment across eight business process categories ranging from Security, Training and Risk Assessment to Policies, Procedures and Records. In an online program, companies answer five to seven questions per category which indicate the level of maturity of their business systems to manage IP.

Of the eight categories, how are companies ranking?

The assessment category where companies are producing the lowest scores (level of maturity of systems) is ‘Monitoring and Measurement.’ This indicates that many suppliers do not yet have mature IP protection systems in place to help manage IP risks and compliance on a systematic basis.

The assessment category generating the highest scores so far is ‘Security and Confidentiality Management,’ which may indicate that suppliers are focusing more on systems and procedures for protecting confidential information.

On the scale from one (low) to five (high), the bulk of the scores so far have been in the two to three range. This shows that companies do have some systems in place however there is also room for improvement.

After the self-assessments, companies talk with a CREATe expert who conducts an independent evaluation. Although these evaluations are confidential, we can report that some companies have sophisticated management systems in place to deal with various risks, however have not considered using these systems to manage IP protection. Suppliers also found the collaborative approach to be helpful as a way to learn how they can implement new processes to improve practices and manage IP more systematically.

Finally, we were pleased to hear that the participating suppliers have indicated that they consider being involved in an IP protection program such as CREATe Leading Practices as a differentiating credential which helps to show global customers that they are committed to high standards of IP protection.

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