CREATe Leading Practices: Case Study

February 24, 2014
Categories: Anti-corruption, Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Protection recently released a summary report of the CREATe Leading Practices Pilot.

Companies represented in the pilot spanned industries, geographies and size. Here are a few case studies and testimonials.

Chinese Integrated Circuit and Electronics Manufacturer: $85 million annual revenues, 950 employees

Situation: The Company’s legal department has the primary responsibility for the protection of IP and typically manages it through contracts. The company is developing more of its own IP and needs to become more proactive in protecting IP in its supply chain. It is also under increased pressure from major international customers to protect the customers’ IP. Physical and IT security is currently a mature area, but the company has no overall IP protection management system.

Actions Taken: The company started making improvements based on CREATe’s recommendations. First, they started to provide IP training to their key subcontractors. Second, they now consider the third-parties’ IP protection system when they evaluate and select supply chain members. Third, they are building a cross-functional IP team to take responsibility for improving the overall IP protection management system.

“The report is very complete. It showed us the weakness in our IP management system and provided recommended actions. We have a better understanding of our current IP management system and the improvement plan to get started. The Guide is a great resource to help us implement the recommended actions. I agree that a sophisticated IP protection system will give us a competitive advantage.”

US Precision Metal Part Manufacturer

Situation: The Company manufactures precision parts for multinational medical equipment, aerospace and electronics companies. Manufacturing processes are based on highly sensitive technology, some of which is patented and some of which is considered trade secrets. The company has a mature access-control process at their U.S .facility, but it does not have an overall IP protection management system. It is opening a company-owned factory in Mexico. Due to the nature of their business, the company has a very sophisticated quality management system.

Actions Taken: Senior management immediately understood that they could piggy-back much of the IP protection program on their existing quality management system. They formed a cross-functional IP compliance team in the U.S., led by the quality manager and the IT security manager. The team developed more comprehensive IP protection policies and procedures. The company has started to form a team at the new facility in Mexico, and has begun to localize company policies and procedures.
“We have received much value from your program. I will be at our facility in Mexico next week and will call a meeting with our new IP Protection Team the first week of October to review the latest recommendations from and plan our next steps.”

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