CREATe Article Featured in Foreign Affairs

March 5, 2013
Categories: Anti-corruption, Intellectual Property Protection, News Articles

An article by CREATe’s CEO Pamela Passman is featured in Foreign Affairs, the ‘leading forum for serious discussion of American foreign policy and global affairs’ published by the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

The article, titled “How to Protect Intellectual Property – From Fair Trade to Legal Trade,” addresses the issue of intellectual property (IP) protection and anti-corruption.

In the piece, Passman suggests that the private sector can drive positive change by working across industries and collaboratively with supply chain members to improve IP protection and prevent corruption.

She asserts that where the rule of law is inconsistently enforced and corporate management systems are not mature for effectively protecting IP, industry-led approaches need to be embraced. Passman points to private sector initiatives that have worked to bring positive change and improvements on issues such as quality, labor and environment.

To read the article, please visit Foreign Affairs.

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