Counterfeit Airbags: the Tip of the Iceberg

November 16, 2012
Categories: Counterfeit

The recent federal warning over counterfeit replacement airbags has been a sobering reminder to consumers that counterfeit goods are not just sold on corner card tables. They are infiltrating the supply chains of multinational corporations, being imported into the United States, and turning up in US households.

These counterfeit airbags pose a serious danger to US citizens and have prompted a warning from the Obama administration. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood stated on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website, “We want consumers to be immediately aware of this problem and to review our safety information to see if their vehicle could be in need of inspection.” will soon release a white paper underscoring how pervasive counterfeit goods have become across multiple industries and their supply chains. Counterfeit goods within the pharmaceutical, defense, automobile, and toy industry present multiple health and safety risks to consumers. The report will also highlight best practices for companies to implement to maintain the integrity of their supply chains.

See the NHTSA video test of counterfeit airbags here
For a list of affected vehicles see the NHTSA website here

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