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August 29, 2017
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In this blog, CREATe CEO Pamela Passman interviews NAVEX Global’s SVP of Marketing and Corporate Development, Chris Morton, about the firm’s recently launched accelerated learning and networking community, Compliance Next.

Pamela Passman: Why did you launch Compliance

Chris Morton: We were interested in how modern compliance professionals can advance their careers while also keeping pace with the innovations of our market that affect their daily responsibilities. Over the past 18 months we’ve asked thousands of compliance professionals about what it takes to stay adequately informed and how they learn what’s needed to keep advancing. We heard three things over and over: it requires a lot of effort; it’s more difficult than it should be; and it’s expensive.

In a recent survey conducted among compliance professionals in the U.S. and Europe, more than two thirds said they do not have a preferred, go-to information resource for career advancement and direction. A deeper dive into this issue showed that while there is a wealth of ethics and compliance (E&C) related information out there, it is dispersed across dozens of media websites, blogs, association portals and various other locations – many of which restrict access – and offer little in the way of practical advice about excelling at your job. This is a problem for our profession. So, NAVEX Global decided to do something about it and created Compliance Next.

Passman: What is Compliance Next?

Morton: Compliance Next is a free online community, resource center and networking facilitator for innovative compliance professionals. The site is part library, part toolbox and part peer-to-peer sharing network. It’s a place where E&C executives, managers and those just starting their careers can network with peers, share best practices and learn from experts about what’s next in compliance and how they can be even more effective in their jobs.

NAVEX Global is the principal sponsor of the portal but we have several partners who support the site among which are Baker & McKenzie law firm, the Association of Corporate Counsel, the Society for Human Resource Management, and American Hospital Association to name a few.

Passman: Who can benefit from using this portal and in what ways?

Morton: Anyone using the site who really dives in and takes advantage of the tools it offers is going to reap the benefits. Some of the great things we’ve been able to include on the site are practical how-to video tutorials, advice from experts, regulatory updates, white papers, sample policies as well as templates designed for immediate use.

PassmanWhat type of content is available?

Morton: We have covered a range of topics including basic compliance fundamentals, advice on implementing compliance know-how, how to demonstrate to the C-suite the importance of compliance, and looking forward into the future of compliance and compliance professionals.

Passman: How do people engage with Compliance Next resources?

Morton: There are a multitude of different videos on different topics that provide information in manageable chunks. Users can browse through legally approved templates, user generated templates and sample policies, all of which are customizable and free. For real-time updates on the compliance landscape, Compliance Next offers a regulatory feed powered by the global law firm Baker & McKenzie. Finally, there is an ‘ask an expert’ feature in the Tools & Resources section of the portal that gives users an easy way to get answers to complicated questions without spending hours combing through the internet. Engaging on the portal is straightforward and users are free to take full advantage of all it offers.

Become a member of Compliance Next here.




Chris Morton is the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Development at NAVEX Global. He is a seasoned regulatory and compliance services executive with more than 20 years of general management experience building and growing information & software businesses.


Pamela Passman is President and CEO of the Center for Responsible Enterprise and Trade ( Prior to founding CREATe in October 2011, Passman was the Corporate Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Global Corporate and Regulatory Affairs, Microsoft Corporation.

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