Citi Tech for Integrity Challenge: Share Your Anti-Corruption Ideas

December 14, 2016
Categories: Anti-corruption, Bribery, Corruption

In the fight against corruption, what are the toughest challenges faced by your organization? Share your opinions and they may become the focus of the Citi Tech for Integrity Challenge (T4I), a virtual accelerator program that will invite technology innovators from around the world to develop solutions that help public sector entities increase transparency and/or fight corruption.

To start, Citi is crowd-sourcing descriptive “pain points” that guide tech innovators toward targeted areas where integrity issues are of greatest concern. Categories range from government financial transactions and procurement to information security and identity, financial crimes and analytics, among others.

You can submit your “pain points” via a short survey. All respondents’ identities are confidential and remain anonymous. If your idea is selected, you can choose to engage with the innovators as they work to build a solution.

The full Citi Tech for Integrity Challenge program officially launches in early 2017 after the solution areas have been defined from survey input. Citi and Allies will provide the support and infrastructure that tech innovators need to create new technology solutions for this market, helping to solve some of the biggest challenges that governments and other public sector organizations face. The program is modeled after the successful Citi Mobile Challenges and the goal is to bring the top solutions to the market.

Learn more and submit your considerations via the survey here.

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