European Commission Initiative: Protecting Intellectual Property in Supply Chains

Date of Event: February 11, 2016 - 11:00am EST

Fragmented, far-flung supply chains put valuable intellectual property (IP) at risk: counterfeits parts and counterfeits can enter legitimate supply chains, trade secrets can be compromised, and designs can be copied. For companies today, these infringements can pose financial and reputational risks for companies and may constitute a threat to public health and consumers’ safety. In this webinar, join the European Commission’s Jean Bergevin, Stéphanie Martin  and’s Craig Moss as they discuss:
  • A new European Commission initiative to incorporate IP protection into supply chain management
  • How to integrate IP protection into existing supply chain management
  • How to identify and assess risks
  • Ways companies can incorporate best practices into working with third parties

The European Commission is currently holding a public consultation on the topic of Intellectual Property (IP) in supply chains. Learn more about the survey here; and take the survey by clicking on this link.

Click here to download the webinar slides