CSF Advisory Council Members

Robert Gaston
Vice President, Operational Risk Management
ADP Global Security Organization

Chris Boyer
Assistant Vice President, Global Public Policy
AT&T Services Inc.

Mark Sutton
Vice President, Chief Information Security Officers
Bain Capital

John Denning
Senior Vice President, Operational Policy Integration,
Development and Strategy
Bank of America

David Savage
Associate Technical Fellow, Commercial Aviation Services
The Boeing Company

Dr. Ravi Pendse
Vice President & Chief Information Officer
Brown University

Edna Conway
Chief Security Officer, Global Value Chains
Cisco Systems

Tim Martin
Chief Information Security Officer

Javier Llinas
Vice President, Risk Management & Business Services Operations
Colgate-Palmolive Company

Gaspare LoDuca
Chief Information Officer
Columbia University

Mary Dalecki
Associate Vice President of Internal Audit
Columbia University

George Guzman
Director of Information Security
Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC)

Kent Landfield
Director, Standards and Technology Policy

Michael Iwanoff
Chief Information Security Officer

Pravin Rao
Chief Operating Officer

Vishal Salvi
Chief Information Security Officer

Janet Nasburg
Chief Risk Officer
Intuit Inc.

Alexander Niejelow
Senior Vice President & Group Head, Global Public Policy

Brian Shea
Senior Director of Governance, Risk & Compliance

Tom Easthope
Director, Enterprise Risk Management

Justine Thompson
Risk Manager

Shinichi Yokohama
Head, Cyber Security Integration
NTT Corporation

Meredith Dickey
Director, Information Security Strategy and Risk
PepsiCo, Inc.

Octavio Flores
Supply Chain & Sales Analytics & BI Associate Director
Procter & Gamble

Bruce Goldstein
Executive Vice President, Finance and Risk
PVH Corp.

Howard Overdyk
Principal Enterprise Cyber Security Architect
Rockwell Collins

Geovette E. Washington
Senior Vice Chancellor and Chief Legal Officer
University of Pittsburgh